Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Gains.

As a group, discuss how the project has helped to deepen your understanding/ broaden your awareness on selected subject discipline(s)

In the lab, we have to notice and keep in mind the lab safety rules, and we must be careful in the lab, to dispose the solvents in the right bin, and also not to touch dangerous things. Dry ice condenses when it is released to the surrounding air in room temperature, as dry ice itself is very cold. Liquid nitrogen evaporates

describe how the new learning is/ can be connected to what you learnt/ are going to learn

The learning made us be more cautious when we go back to school in the labs. We will also know that in the future, with harder experiments, we have to dispose our solvents properly in the right bin. We also gained knowledge on stuff hard to get, for example liquid nitrogen, and dry ice, about what happens when we pour them/ dip something into the liquid nitrogen, or place dry ice into water, or place it on the table. From both of this, we also learnt that when something colder touches something with a higher temperature, the item with the colder temperature will take energy from the material with higher temperature.

When appropriate, include photos and video clips to illustrate/ support your explanation

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